Code Unknown 2000 016

This movie deals with diverse issues which contemporary society faces.  The movie consists of multiple small narratives and the narratives collectively try to break down the ciphered languages of modern problematic situation.  As a filming technique, the director insisted on using continuous complex shots other than simplistic short shots to serve very specific role.  Each issue (such as family problems, ethnic problems, sexuality, and etc.) addressed in the movie are so particular and specific. (Almost in lyotard’s sense of micro narratives, where as the modernist films are mostly dealing with meta narrative of politics, scientific advancement.)  The each shots contrasts very dramatically with each other because they are continuous long shots, and every shots divide themselves with very rough transitional method. (Screen black out for a moment in between separate scenes.)  This method is well preserving the uniqueness and intensity of each scene very well, on the other hand, provides the marginal space which then audience can re-organize with given materials (scenes.)  Other than the actual complex filming techniques (as seen in many movies, most notably, Wim Wenders’ film, “Der Himmel über Berlin”) the director’s use of long continuous shots well serve the intentions of Haneke.


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