2006 Mr. Lif Remix Contest WOSOCH entry 043


Mr. Lif Remix Contest.

Submitted by Colin_ORegan

Edited by Colin_ORegan

Dear Producers, DJs and Garageband Afficionados:

Mr. Lif is looking for a remix to his joint “Fries” off his latest disc “Mo’ Mega” released last month.

First the prizes. You could win!

¬ One (1) Gemini CDT-05 Hybrid Turntable
¬ Featured download on Definitive Jux and IndieVirus websites

¬ $100 gift certificate to Sandbox Automatic

¬ Autographed, limited edition 7 vinyl The Fries single

The rules are simple. Download an acapella version of “Fries.” Write an original beat. The beat should not exceed 5 minutes and should be submitted as MP3, not exceeding 5MB in size. The contest deadline is 5PM EST on July 31st. and Lif’s label Definitive Jux will let you know you’re the winner by August 15th. You may enter as many times as you like, with as many beats as you like, but you’re only gonna win one prize even if your 3 beats are better than everyone else’s. Share the wealth, genius.

Here’s some hints they bestowed:

The original beat for “The Fries” changes three times. To stay on beat use 94 BPM for the first part, 75 BPM for the middle and 98 BPM for the last part.

Although I don’t see why you can’t just cut Lif up. It doesn’t say you can’t.

For a link to the acapella version and full contest rules click here. You may have to register. I did. To submit you need only email your MP3 to indievirus@gmail.com.

Good luck.




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