After The Flood by Genevieve Chua 066

After the flood is hypothesised as a large expanse of space that has settled after the 50th flood. It is an ecosystem that consists of the most resistant of plants in the secondary and tropical rainforest in Singapore. This consists of a stubborn sprawl of shrubberies, weeds, ferns, flowers, and a genus of trees that begin to grow despite extremely poor and shallow conditions of the soil.

“Trees do not live forever and big trees do not die quietly.” (Wee & Corlett 1986)

The series highlights weeds and vines that rain down on existing vegetation and form carpets from tree to tree. These scenes are found at the margins of Adinandra Belukar (secondary forest) found in Singapore. When grown in a small pot, some of these weeds will not grow anymore than a few feet and will live for years and years. However, in an expanse of space, it sprawls rapidly and can grow up to about a foot a day, smothering anything in its path. With its dense tangle of hairy stems and large leaves, it suffocates other vegetation of their sunlight. Depending on tastes, an establishment of these weeds may be regarded as a pest or something of a beautiful sight.


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