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Today, many artists, architects and numerous thinkers who are analyzing and testing the notion of virtual reality imaging (two of the most direct examples being Michael Jantzen and various online-communication developers,) have and developed the idea which clearly presents hands-on approach to maximize individuals’ perceptual satisfaction with use of technology and science.  However, the idea strangely stays within the realm of thinking given by current political authority; capital order.  Now, here is an intriguing hypothetical scenario if the conception of V.R.I. truly gets developed into the phase of phenomenal perfection.  Even though everyone gets his/her own “virtual Miami beach house” after their work regardless of their economic and social status, such desire to have specific virtual perception is generated by an extrinsic motivation.  It is certainly prevalent and socially agreed value, but in such an environment, one further loses his/her own power to think, act, react, and (freedom to choose what to-) desire. 

From this point, the search for the method that can stimuli the individual’s desire to control and reflect own motivations and intentions begins. Desires are operating not only on the conscious surface, but more broadly in unconscious and subconscious realm. In the process of individual act of fulfilling one’s fantasy conditions today, mostly through passive acts, the acts are veiled and written in ciphers with ephemeral nature.  Precisely because of this given condition, the correct or exact materialization of individual’s fantasy condition is on the verge of impossibility.  Then how do we perceive or even start to think about the un-perceivable materials that are burred in subconscious and unconscious level and render them into physical condition? 

The act of drawing, either in conventional sense with traditional tools or use of a digital technology, seems extremely exciting and opportunistic as a methodology to construct and examine the space or moment without being too much thwarted by the accustomed social and political values. Through the method of drawing, one can convey the idea of own fantasies and desires through this real virtual (to borrow the term developed by Lacan and Žižek,) spaces alongside copious imaginary, symbolic and real-real materialistic references on canvas.



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