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House within a House – Hiromi Fujii – 156

  ryanpanos: House within a House | Hiromi Fujii | Socks Studio In his built project for the Todoroki residence (1976), the radical use of the grid produces an evolution of the traditional Japanese interior planning, where spaces were combined in layers. Every element which composes a conventional house is reinvented and relocated. The façades are just the […]

Mies drawings – 154

  sbrhm: Mies drawings simple+great (via room-of-flint)

Architectural Drawings by Daniel Libeskind at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery – 153

Atom™ – Pop HD – 152

Barry Magic -151

The Colonnade Condominiums by Paul Rudolph – 150

  acidadebranca: Initially intending to design a housing structure as a set of prefabricated units hoisted onto a structural frame, the ideas and visual intricacies of Paul Rudolph‘s Colonnade Condominiums were developments of the previously designed but unbuilt Graphic Arts Center of Manhattan. […] Rudolph referred to these replicable units as the “twentieth-century brick,” a means […]

Hugh Ferriss (1889-1962, USA) – 149

red-lipstick: Hugh Ferriss (1889-1962, USA)        Architectural Drawings/Sketches (via thomortiz)

Einstein Tomb, Lebbeus Woods – 148

The Wonders Within Your Head – 147

OMA, Proposal for Parc de la Villette, Paris, France, 1984 (via rndrd) – ‏ 146