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Aggregates – John Houck 127


“LIGHT PAVILION” @ MAK center, L.A. poster design 116

Klas Ernflo – Domus Mag 105

Megastructure C 092

Megastructure B 091

Megastructure B 090

Inspired by Alan Boutwell

Werkschau Im Stadtkino 088

Visual identity concept / Strassenfeger 083

on New Reality 080

Today, many artists, architects and numerous thinkers who are analyzing and testing the notion of virtual reality imaging (two of the most direct examples being Michael Jantzen and various online-communication developers,) have and developed the idea which clearly presents hands-on approach to maximize individuals’ perceptual satisfaction with use of technology and science.  However, the idea […]

Lunar Calendar 2011 2010 074