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Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You wosoch remix 119


wosoch – Beati Mundo Corde 117

New York Polyphony Gregorian Chant Remix- Beati Mundo Corde on Indaba Music by wosoch.  June, 2011

“LIGHT PAVILION” @ MAK center, L.A. poster design 116

wosoch-Signs(2011) 100

wosoch – 1641 (2011) 093

on New Reality 080

Today, many artists, architects and numerous thinkers who are analyzing and testing the notion of virtual reality imaging (two of the most direct examples being Michael Jantzen and various online-communication developers,) have and developed the idea which clearly presents hands-on approach to maximize individuals’ perceptual satisfaction with use of technology and science.  However, the idea […]

on Dreams I 062

“The dream was itself an immense material power that transformed the natural world, investing industrially produced objects and built environments with collective, political desires.” … “Night dreams of individuals express desires thwarted by the social order and pushed backward into regressive childhood forms this collective dream dared to imagine a social world in alliance with personal happiness, and […]

Cover: vertical manhattan 2010 045

schematic cover design for studio Vertical Manhattan 2010 fa

OOH4 044

wosoch 2010 fa

2006 Mr. Lif Remix Contest WOSOCH entry 043 Mr. Lif Remix Contest. Submitted by Colin_ORegan Edited by Colin_ORegan Tags: Mr. Lif, Mo’ Mega, Definitive Jux, Remix Contest, Fries Dear Producers, DJs and Garageband Afficionados: Mr. Lif is looking for a remix to his joint “Fries” off his latest disc “Mo’ Mega” released last month. First the prizes. You could win! FIRST PRIZE: […]