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Wassup Rockers – Larry Clark 112


Theme from Lupin the 3rd I II – Readymade All That Jazz 052

John Whitney Catalog 1961 028

John Whitney’s demo reel of work created with his analog computer/film camera magic machine he built from a WWII anti-aircraft gun sight. Also Whitney and the techniques he developed with this machine were what inspired Douglas Trumbull (special fx wizard) to use the slit scan technique on 2001: A Space Odyssey The analogue computer Whitney […]

The Famous One-legged Actress Sarah Bernhardt 025

마크 트웨인이 생전에 말했단다 이세상엔 다섯 종류의 여배우가 있다고.. 못하는 배우, 괜찮은 배우, 잘하는 배우, 뛰어난 배우  … 그리고 사라 번 하트가 있다. Sarah Bernhardt (1844–1923) was an extraordinary performer, so much so that her name became synonymous with acting. Yet her importance extended beyond the world of theater—she was an icon of French nationalism, […]

Safe 1995 017

  Todd Haynes’ 2005 movie Safe mainly deals with the notion of alienation which people today is quite familiar with.  However, Haynes’ approach and efforts to dissect and analyze the notion of contemporary notion of alienation was done through very particular narrative by observing the short segment of life (and the behaviors/activities) of an average […]

Code Unknown 2000 016

This movie deals with diverse issues which contemporary society faces.  The movie consists of multiple small narratives and the narratives collectively try to break down the ciphered languages of modern problematic situation.  As a filming technique, the director insisted on using continuous complex shots other than simplistic short shots to serve very specific role.  Each […]

Daughters of the Dust 1991 015

Julie Dash’s 1991 movie, “Daughters of the Dust,” had enormous impact to American audience as well as international viewers for its in-depth navigation of the emotional struggles and feelings of minorities about their identity in very particular geographical setting and specific time period.  Unlike the most of the movies about similar topic, the ethnic identity […]

La collectionneuse 1967 014

(In the movie,) Rohmer uses both actual dialogues between characters as well as vocalized psychological narrations to render the complex, dialectical, and sometimes surreal situations.  The movie is full of psychological triggering and self-questioning of characters but on the material surface, the whole movie is narrated through very crude and exaggerated chain of events.  It […]

괴물 2006 014

대일이 형이 복사해줬었지 cd두장에.. 그게 벌써 나 졸업하기 전 3학년때 얘긴데 이땐 왜인지 모든것에 비판적이었어서 이 영화를 좋게 보지 못했던것 같다.   이번에 다시보게 된 이영화는 꽤나 신선한 부분이 많았다.. 솔직히 좀 억지스럽고 내가 싫어하는 할리웃 스러운 부분도 많았지만, 그래도 봉준호 특유의 센스로 영화 보는 내내 날 설득했다.  또 무슨 심볼리즘 이딴걸 구체적으로 일일이 돈도 안받고 […]

Precious 2009 013

버스에서 서서 반정도 봤었던 이영화.